We at Smokin Js believe in selling you the best herbal vaporizers in each of the product categories.  We won't sell the Volcano Herbal Vaporizer because we believe it is too expensive for what you get.  The Herbal Aire and Extreme Q are great lower cost versions of the Volcano.  But we are missing something online ... THE PAX!!!  We love the Pax, it is the best portable herbal vaporizer we have sold EVER!  We cannot sell it online due to restrictions from the manufacturer, but we do sell it in our physical retail stores and we can sell it to you if you call us.  Our phone-in sale price on the PAX is only $249.99 with free shipping, that is better than any price anywhere on the Internet.  Jay owns the Pax, call today - 360-747-1883.


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The Perfect Vaporizer
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The Perfect Vaporizer

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