Smokin Js selection of pipes is amazing! We harness our 17 years of experience to sell just about everything! From  Jade Pipes  to  Vaporizers ,  Novelty Pipes  to  Glass Hand Pipes ,  Self Lighting Pipes  to  Glass Water Pipes , Smokin Js has what you are looking for. Smokin Js was founded in the 90's based on hand blown glass pipes. We only carry American made glass pipes. Many of our pipes are made by our exclusive glass blowers. Throughout the years we have cultivated and nurtured relationships with glass blowers, and we pass the savings along to you. Check out all the local glass blowers we carry in the drop down menu above. Each Smokin Js glass blower has a write-up so you know where your pipe is coming from. We don't believe in hyped name brands with inflated prices. We pass hand blown glass pipes with good karma direct from the artist to you. Smokin Js focusses on quality and value with every pipe we sell. Where else can you find  Graffix Water Pipes , the  Original Monkey Pipe ,  Buckket Gravity Pipe ,  Sky Glass Water Pipes , Locally Blown  Glass Hand Pipes , Thick Heady  Glass Bubblers , and  Concert Chillum Pipes  all in one place. We are Smokin Js, and we are here to serve.

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