Here at Smokin Js, we respect your need for privacy. We want you to feel that your most precious pocessions are safe and sound, no matter where you're at. What better place to hide your items than in plain site? Our Diverson Safes come in a variety of options for you to store your belongings and blend right in without anyone taking a second glance at them. Whether you are trying to hide "un-safe" items from children, store your money in a secret and safe place from snoopy roommates, or travel with your stash without worrying what might happen if you got pulled over, we've got a Diversion Safe for you. For at home storage, the Ajax Bleach Diversion Safe and the Fruit Cocktail Diversion Safe are great places to hide your pocessions in plain site. Believe me, no one is going to try to eat that fruit cocktail. For super incognito hiding places, the Hidden Wall Diversion Safe and the Power Strip Diversion Safe will fool even the most clever seekers and are a great place to store your money and jewlery. Keep a bottle of the Safe JB Brake Parts Cleaner in the trunk, and no one will think twice about it! All of the Diversion Safes have realistic weight and printing on them, and some even have the top half of the container filled with the labeled product to really throw lookers off. Most of them have secret opening from the bottom, and have large storage compartments to keep your belongings safe. Here at Smokin Js, we have everything you need to maintain your smokin lifestyle, even if you don't want anyone else to know about it. Your secrets are safe with us. ;)

Diversion Safes

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