Herb grinders are an important item for any headshop. Smokin Js has a great selection of herb grinders. Instead of selling a ton of crap, we research and select items that we think represent solid quality and value. You won't find any cheap plastic grinders here, but we do have many grinders under $10. The Smokin Js grinder card is an amazing herb shredder and comes with the fashion forward look of the Smokin Js logo;) You essentially need to choose from two types of grinders in two types of material. There are two piece herb grinders and four piece herb grinders. The two piece grinders are simple and have one task, close the two sides together and shred that herb. Four piece grinders have the top which shreds the herb, a pass-through storage chamber with a built in pollen sifting screen, and then the bottom which is a pollen collector under the screen. The two piece grinders are the most affordable. The four piece grinders are more popular and versatile. Once you have decided on the type of grinder you want you have to choose from the material. Smokin Js carry both types of herb grinders in wood and metal. Customer like the durability of the metal grinders, but the wood grinders offer a more natural material to grind your consumables with. Either way Smokin Js has you covered. The RYOT branded four piece pollen grinder and the RYOT 1905 two piece grinders are our best selling wood grinders. You can't go wrong with the Grindhouse metal grinders we carry. The deluxe 2.5" Grindhouse Pollen comes with rubber o-rings on the top to help with grip.


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