We get it! You don't want everyone to know about your smokin lifestyle. Do you live in an apartment? Do you have nosy neighbors? Are you keeping your ... cough cough ... smoking secret from the kids? Smokin Js has what you need to keep your smoking private. Our smoke odor eliminators will mask and eliminate the pungent odor of smoking herbs and cigarettes. We carry two different types of odor eliminators. Smokin Js has the name brand Ozium smoke eliminator which grabs the smoke particles and drops them to the ground leaving a fresh scent behind. We have several scents to choose from, just use the drop down menu on the product page. Smokin Js also carries several smoke eliminators that work with a blow through mechanism. The user blows the smoke through the pass-through device and it accumulates and kills the the scent of smoking. The Smoke Buddy uses the latest in technology, and comes in two different sizes. There is a travel model and a larger home model for more uses. Smokin Js also carries the oldest and most trusted brand in smoke eliminators, the Hello Neighbor. We carry several different scents, just select using the drop down menu on the product page. These small discreet smoke eliminator tools are just what you need to keep your smoking habits private.

Odor Eliminators

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