SToK R Series Vape Pen 2.0


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Never on sale until now! We are clearing out the inventory to make room for the Gen3 model. ONLY $39.99 WOW!
While supplies last.

How do you improve perfection? I would never try, but SToK took a shot at improving the very best oil pen on the market. This is the new R Series 2.0. They got rid of the titanium wrapped rod in the burn chamber for a ceramic rod. Wow, #ThisThingStillRips.

The SToK R Series Vape Pen Rips! This is a brand new oil concentrate vape from the trusted SToK brand. Small and discrete, this vape is about the size of your average pen. The heating element has ceramic rod inside of a polycarbonate heating chamber that allows you to see your vapor clouds build up!

It comes with a 6500UA battery with micro chip processor for long battery life. For your convenenience, there is a three stage color battery life indicator with an integrated safety shutdown feature.

Also includes free stainless steel loading tool, platinum cured stOk storage jar, an extra atomizer, and cleaning wipes!

*Limited 90 day warranty on the battery and USB charger.

Customer Reviews

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The ultimate vape pen!, 9th Jun 2015

Reviewer: Amy J

Only had this bad boy for a couple days and already it's become my favorite! I love the BIG rips it allows - like no other, especially for a portable vape pen! I take it everywhere!

This thing really does rip, 9th Jun 2015

Reviewer: Nikko K

I love the sleek look of the pen with its cap on. It's battery life is awesome and it rips like a champ.

This thing rips!, 30th May 2015

Reviewer: Sunshine B

They don't lie, this does rip! Nice long battery life as well. I love the little extra goodies that come with it, like the concentrate jar! Those are usually at least $10 so it was cool to get one for free! Pretty easy to clean as well. All in all this is a great little pen, especially wiþ that price tag!

Haven't put it down yet, 27th Feb 2015

Reviewer: Michelle A

I've had this now for about two weeks and I barely set it down. I use it all day everyday and I rarely have to charge it. I charge every couple days probably. It really makes medicating on the go super easy. I still haven't touched the extra coil but I love that I have my backup ready and waiting. The tank gets dirty pretty fast if you use it regularly, so the cleansing wipes are nice to get the oil out the treading.

The only pen you should ever use, 25th Feb 2015

Reviewer: Elaine I

Honestly, every other pen that I've used is poorly designed and overpriced, the stok pen will not cause you any headaches (only cure them). I load this sucker up, no more loading after each hit, ain't nobody got time for that.

Stok R series does it right, hands down!!

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The new go to, 23rd Nov 2014

Reviewer: Josh B

I own more then a few vape pens and kinda was expecting the same type of vape experiance. I was wrong, THIS THING IS A BEAST!!!!!! the rips are almost like taking that dabb off a nail. it mixes clean air in perfectly and hits you hard.

This is the best vape pen that i have ever used!!!!!

If you are looking for real rips from a vape pen then pick this one

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