Shipwreck Copper Electro Formed Sherlock Bubbler


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Out with the old and in with the new! Our Shipwreck electroformed pipes are now 20% off! Originally $214.99, NOW $171.99 with FREE shipping.

Smokin Js found a Shipwreck in Oregon, and there was a load of treasure! Arg, we just received several maticulously scultped copper electro formed hand blown glass pipes by Shipwreck.

This is the Natural Perc Bubbler by Shipwreck. This 10" tall hand blown glass pipe has a built-in glass stand for an upright position or as a kick stand for a laid down position. The sherlock bubbler has a large maria that allows the smoke to slip past the water, creating a stemless natural perc design.

Each heady piece is worked over by Shipwreck with meticulous craftmanship to create a copper electro formed pipe worthy of his name. He prides himself in obtaining just the right amount of patina to the copper to set his pieces apart.

As always, Smokin Js is on the hunt for heady pieces at affordable prices. Copper electro forming usually is found on pieces with retail prices in the thousands. Our deep sea crew found a treasure with this Shipwreck line-up.

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Treasure, 20th Dec 2015

Reviewer: Ariel H

This thing is the best natural perc I've ever pulled from! So surprising! And it looks like an ocean treasure, I love it.

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