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Size: 2.75" x 2"
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Save the world with one conscious act at a time. New to the market are the WoodStalk all natural bamboo containers.

The latest U.S. Environmental Protection Agency report estimated that Americans created 250 million tons of trash in 2010 alone. Of that 250 million tons of trash, the EPA estimated that over 17% was from glass and plastic waste , totaling over 43 million tons! (Environmental Protection Agency)

WoodStalk aims to reduce the unnecessary waste of single-use plastic and glass containers by introducing a natural, reusable, and sustainable bamboo container. Only when we become aware of how our actions have a deeper impact on our environment can we begin to develop and adopt innovative solutions for a more sustainable future.

Eco Friendly:
The WoodStalk Bamboo containers are a renewable and sustainable alternative to glass and plastic.

The WoodStalk containers are air tight, light proof, and moisture resistant.

Lightweight and Durable:
The WoodStalk containers are stronger than glass or plastic.

Important Note:
Do not twist open. WoodStalk stash jars are pop-top in order to preserve the air tight seal. Grab between your index finger and thumb, lift up one side while holding the other side down.

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Super Rad, 19th Dec 2014

Reviewer: Xy

I can't tell you how many glass containers I've broken over the years! The lid on this is nice and snug. I'm SO stoked about this product as I do not have to resort to plastic!

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