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Everything has been done before. Bullsh!t.

The Lighter Bro has broken all barriers and completely redone the lighter case. They have created the Swiss Army Knife of lighter cases. But wait .... there's more!

The Lighter Bro fits both a standard bic lighter AND the standard Clipper lighter. This handy tool was invented by smokers and tested by tokers.

- Micro Phillips Screwdriver/Poker
- Flat Head Screwdriver Tip/Scraper
- Super Sharp Knife Blade
- Scissors or Trimmers
- Key Chain
- Bottle Opener

The Knife Blade is super sharp made from Japanese 420 alloy stanless steel. The scissors are spring loaded to cut heavy lines. The micro screwdriver is functional for those little tiny phillips screws, but works even better as a poker for your pipe.

Customer Reviews

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This is Legit, 27th May 2015

Reviewer: Brian K

This lighter is my new bro. I've been using the scissors to trim my beard and the knife to do touch up shaving on my face. I love that it holds my clipper lighter too!

Not a cheap swiss army knife, 19th May 2015

Reviewer: Aric F

First off its sharp as hell, the scissors are real, NOT like a swiss army knife, much stonger. and I was surprised to find it fit my Clipper lighter. I can also reach any tool without having to take out the others.

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