Toob Loob Glass on Glass Ground Joint Lubricant


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Toob Loob is the only odorless, tasteless, non-toxic and biodegradable water pipe ground joint lubricant on the market. Simply apply a small amount of Toob Loob around the joint of your glass on glass bowl and sleeve and re-apply between cleanings. Treat your pipe right and enjoy the benefits of a well lubed tube!
- Prevent stuck downstems and slides
- Extend the life of ground joints
- Create a 100% airtight seal

Customer Reviews

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Lube it up!, 27th Jul 2012

Reviewer: Katie Green

This stuff DOES make pulling out easier! So much easier in fact! Helps so that im not yankin on the bowl trying to get it out so much with the gunk or the seal makin it stick. (usually ends up with me dropping the bowl in one way or another...) Best lube eva!

makes pulling out easy, 22nd Jun 2012

Reviewer: Megan Mccormack

whether it be fault of smoker or simply just gummed up by usage, i've seen wayyyyy too many accidents happen. this is a super simple, yet effective, preventative measure to take and for the first time ever we can all rest assured while pulling out with ease.

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