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Vortex Hookah Bowl White

The vortex hookah bowl is an innovative product. Instead of leaking precious flavor into the stem of your hookah, the Vortex bowl holds in all the shisha taste and pulls through the multi holed spire in the middle. This allows the shisha packed to smoke longer and stay moist. The unique design also utilizes air flow to provide even and substantial heating.

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WOW, 3rd Aug 2013

Reviewer: Travis S

This is one of those things you ask yourself, why didnt i think of this!
A must have for a, Keeps your hookah clean and your shisha last way longer.

must have!, 23rd Sep 2012

Reviewer: Alex Thompson

for any true hookaher, there is no better bowl..you get the most flavor and makes the product last longer..and doesnt char to top of your bowl burning it..i love mine and reccommend to anybody who wants the most out of their sheesha

great product, 2nd Apr 2012

Reviewer: Kat Montpart

this bowl keeps my hookah so much cleaner, with the hole being higher up keeps the honey or molasses out of the tubing. my bowls seem to last longer as well

Love This Bowl, 29th Feb 2012

Reviewer: Katie Green

I don't smoke outta my hookah unless i use my vortex bowl with it now! It keeps all the yummy juices in the bowl instead of wasting them at the bottom of the hookah. Much better flavor, and such a good investment!

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